Contemporary Cost Concepts: Understanding Activity-Based Costing

Bad cost analysis leads to bad decision making.  Traditional cost accounting provides the average cost of an average product, produced in an average volume and sold to an average customer.  Traditional techniques can be disastrously inaccurate when trying to understand products that are not average in every way.  This session explains activity-based costing and why it gives your company a competitive advantage.


  • Develop a plan for your company's success
  • Know why the company with the best cost information wins
  • Turn management accounting into a competitive advantage for your company
  • Learn to explain financial concepts in layman's terms


  • Beyond Traditional Budgeting
  • Using Performance Metrics for Planning and Control Pricing for Profitability
  • Why Cost Matters Contemporary Cost Concepts
  • Understanding Activity-Based Costing Communicating Financial Information to Non-Accountants

Who Will Benefit

This seminar is for people who are, or aspire to be, chief financial officers. We will focus discussions on medium-sized organizations.


Category Amount
Accounting 2.00