In today's rapidly changing world, finance professionals are required to wear many hats and are often the keys to the organization's success. On one hand, they need to be abreast of the latest proven financial skills for making the best decisions, and on the other hand they need the best skills to motivate, manage, and lead people. Being pigeon-holed into one area or another is neither good for career building nor for the good of the organization. This course has been designed to give the CFO and controller the skills needed to lead their organizations into the rapidly changing decade. The course's author has been in the trenches, having held positions in finance and senior management, and understands the issues from both perspectives. Another unique aspect of this course is its constant evolution. We know change is occurring at an exponential rate, so certain chapters dealing with current domestic and global economic conditions are included along with current technical issues on the cloud and social media. The course is updated as necessary throughout the year to include the most recent developments.


  • Understand the current issues and latest trends impacting CFOs, controllers, and finance professionals 
  • Understand how domestic and global economic conditions could impact the organization 
  • Lead the organization into the rapidly changing decade 
  • Apply the latest tools and techniques for a positive impact on the organization 
  • Be familiar with the results of the case studies and exercises that reinforce key learning points throughout the course


  • Economic update 
  • Pricing and costing strategies 
  • Expense control that works 
  • Better credit decisions 
  • Financial risk analysis 
  • Enterprise risk management 
  • Metrics and benchmarking 
  • Use and misuse of derivatives 
  • Improving bank relationships and cash management 
  • Social media and the cloud

Who Will Benefit

CFOs, controllers, and finance professionals


Category Amount
Bus. Mgmt. & Org. 4.00
Finance 4.00