The Savvy Social Security presentation is geared towards Baby Boomers thinking about retirement. They've probably paid Social Security tax for decades. In fact, we all pay in every time we get a paycheck, yet most of us don't really understand how the system works. There are hundreds of different ways to claim and people are leaving money on the table due to lack of education. This presentation bridges the information gap and allows for informed, educated decision making.

Health care will likely be one of the biggest retirement expenses…around $220,000 for the average 65 year old couple. Unfortunately, many pre-retirees don't understand the risks that health care costs pose to their financial plan. Some may be planning for Medicare or private insurance, but they'll likely pay a significant portion out of their own pocket. That can have a big impact on the standard of living in retirement. Add to this challenge the rising cost of health care and the possibility of needing long term care and it becomes clear that planning for health care costs is important for achieving financial security in retirement.


  • When to start taking Social Security
  • How much you can expect to receive
  • How COLAs (Cost of Living Adjustments) affect your benefits
  • The ramifications of a spouse's death on benefits
  • How do former marriages affect benefits
  • What strategies are allowed to maximize benefits
  • The changes to Social Security based on Congress' new budget bill
  • How Social Security can be aligned with retirement plans
  • Health care expenses in retirement
  • Medicare ABC's (and D's too)
  • Covering the gaps and supplementing Medicare benefit
  • How inflation might affect health care costs
  • Planning ahead for the possibility of long term care


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Spec. Knowledge 4.00