After completing this 4-hour course, you'll gain a working knowledge of the important provisions of New Mexico sales and use tax rules. The  instructor will share their knowledge and experience about the application of the tax rules to businesses and the transactions conducted in their states.


  • Determine whether transactions are subject to sales tax, subject to use tax, exempt, or nontaxable 
  • Identify key sales and use tax terms and the corresponding definitions 
  • Ascertain whether a taxpayer location requires a sales tax permit 
  • Identify the types of governmental entities that impose sales and use taxes 
  • Determine the amount of sales tax that applies to a transaction 
  • Differentiate between taxable and nontaxable services 
  • Identify common issues that arise during sales and use tax audits 
  • Identify the date that remote sellers must obtain permits and collect sales and use tax


Category Amount
Tax 4.00