Donald A. Beasley is a Founding Partner of Beasley, Mitchell & Co. LLP (BMC) in Las Cruces. He earned his Bachelor of Accounting from New Mexico State University in 1972 and has 40 years of public accounting experience. He helped grow the firm from three people in 1987 to a staff of 42 employees today! He also has been a Society member for 40 years. Don provides business consulting to various clients and specializes in tax planning and advising for closely held businesses. Don is very active in local civic and charitable work, and has held board positions for many nonprofits including NMSU Foundation, Mesilla Valley Hospice, Las Cruces Economic Forum, Las Cruces Public School Foundation, NMSU Alumni Association, Aggie Sports Association, Mil Gracias Society at NMSU, Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces, Mayfield High School 12th Man Club, and Holy Cross Catholic Church Finance Committee. In April 2015, Don was inducted into the NMSU Business College Hall of Fame. His firm continues to flourish and was recently named by INSIDE Public Accounting as the 10th fastest-growing public accounting firm in the U.S. in the under $5 million category.

 Don Beasley

Don Beasley, CPA

Do you think the work-life balance concept is a myth or is it actually attainable?

It is attainable. When my kids were growing up I would put their activities in my calendar like an appointment so even though it was tax season, I would go take care of that. You have to have willing partners, associates, and family to help, but it is attainable. We can’t just be accountants all the time; we need to help our kids and grandkids grow and be there for our families. Life doesn’t stop when you become a CPA.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would give my younger self the advice to continue to read and study. One of my bosses gave me the best advice right after I passed the exam; he said, “Congratulations, you have met the minimum required of your profession, now is the time to go learn.” He explained that after you have passed the CPA exam, from that time forward when you study it’s to benefit your clients and the firm so you are better as a professional. I love that our profession requires CPE and that it’s not easy to become or stay a CPA. The public views us with a lot of respect and I think it’s because of those requirements.

What is something that people would be surprised to find out about you?

When I was 16, I was watching my brother play baseball and I was leaning against a fence when I was struck by lightning. The lightning actually went in my back and out my head. I woke up in the hospital four hours after being struck and found out that the only reason I survived was because a lady at the baseball game was a school nurse and she resuscitated me; she saved me. I still have a scar and I still have the sweatshirt I was wearing with the hole that was burned in it from the lightning. The incident made for a great story after it was over!

Why did you want to become a CPA?

I had a teacher at Clovis that pushed me to become a CPA. It started when I took a bookkeeping class because I was good at math and it seemed to be very logical subject. I also had great mentors at NMSU that continued to push me.

How have your professional memberships, such as the New Mexico Society of CPAs, benefitted your career?

It has enhanced my career. The NMSCPA has offered a lot of opportunities with CPE. The interaction with CPAs around the state has allowed me to meet other CPAs who have been resources to me. Promoting the CPA Brand, helping with legislature and lobbying, making sure our designation keeps the value that it was intended to have, and keeping the public trust are things that the NMSCPA does so well.

If you were given a “do-over” for a mistake you made in the past, would you take it, and why?

We actually had a debate at the office about this very question. If you didn’t make that mistake, would you be better off? You learn from your mistakes even though you would have preferred to not make them. Sometimes you just have to move on and learn from it.

Red or green (chile)?

Green. My wife loves red, but I much prefer green!