Joshua Edwards is the Financial Controller at LAVU Inc., an Albuquerque-based tech company that provides iPad-centric point of sale systems for restaurants. Joshua has been actively involved in the NMSCPA as a mentor and Student Pipeline Committee member, always jumping at the chance to get involved and enhance the CPA pipeline. When he is not identifying challenges and benefits to moving into international markets, or booking entries and monthly closes, you can find Joshua writing comic books and training to climb Mount Fuji (Japan’s highest and most prominent mountain) in July. We recently had the chance to speak with Joshua about his experience as a successful CPA in private industry and learned about how his background in public accounting set him up for success.

 Joshua Edwards

Joshua Edwards, MBA, CPA

What have you enjoyed most about working in the profession?

The people I work with - from the CPAs to the non-CPAs I work with in the private accounting world - are an amazing group of bright people. The CPAs I have worked with prove that the CPA designation is valuable. It has been a great experience to work with them.

What’s it like working at Lavu? Describe your “typical” day.

We don’t really have “typical” days; every day is a little bit different. From the systems I am putting in place, such as which accounting system to use, what internal controls process we should follow, every decision I make has an impact. Right now, I am working on helping to define revenue recognition policies, in addition to identifying challenges and benefits to moving into international markets, and also booking entries and monthly closes. The most interesting aspects of my work are the decision-making pieces that really have an impact on the company.

I am passionate about…

As accountants, we have the reputation of being number crunchers. While numbers are so important, my passion is tackling big issues. From researching issues to learning new ways of operating and presenting these findings to decision makers of the company; that’s my favorite aspect of my work. Outside of work, I love to travel and learn about new cultures. In July, my wife and I are going to Japan. We will be spending a few days in Tokyo and plan to climb Mount Fuji.

When I am not working, you can find me…

You can find me watching movies with my wife or reading comic books; I am a huge comic book buff. We also enjoy hiking and are working our way up to hiking La Luz Trail as we prepare to hike Mount Fuji.