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Fellow Member

Holder of a CPA certificate

Annual rates start at $217.00

Associate Member

Received notification of passing the Uniform CPA exam, but must fulfill the one year of experience requirement prior to eligibility for certification.

Annual rates start at $131.00

Affiliate Member

Graduated with a 4-year degree and completed at least 30 hours of accounting courses at the university level, but have not yet passed the CPA exam.

Annual rates start at $114.00


Any accounting professor.

Annual rates start at $0.00

Retired Member

Any CPA working less than 20 hours per week.

Annual rates start at $91.00

Student Member

Has not currently completed 30 hours of accounting courses, but is enrolled in a university or college program.

Annual rates start at $0.00

Accounting & Finance Professional

Accounting and financial professionals who are not licensed can grow their careers, expand their connections and stay informed with NMSCPA membership.

Annual rates start at $411.00