Building Fund & Educational Fund Donations

Since 1930, the New Mexico Society of CPAs has been dedicated to strengthening the CPA profession. With the help of committed supporters like you, the NMSCPA continues to enhance the CPA profession by building a thriving and inclusive accounting profession now, and for the future. We invite you to explore some of our giving options below.

Building Fund

When you step foot inside the NMSCPA office, we hope that you are met with a strong sense of pride in your building. Careful planning, time and energy were invested by volunteers, staff and professionals in order to make sure that the NMSCPA building would serve its members well. Seven years later, your building is the recipient of unsolicited compliments by almost everyone entering for the first time.  The colorful Building Fund Donor Wall in our lobby, which recognizes those who donated $250 or more, is also a constant source of admiration by those who visit the NMSCPA office.

The building does have a mortgage and it requires upkeep and maintenance. Your donation to the Building Fund is greatly appreciated to ensure that your building will remain ageless, serve the membership well, and continue to be a source of pride for generations of CPAs to come.

Educational Fund

Each year, thanks to your contributions, the Educational Fund of the NMSCPA distributes scholarships to deserving students in an effort to attract the cream of the crop to the accounting profession. Your support allows today’s accounting students to become tomorrow’s CPAs. Donating to the Educational Fund also helps you; by attracting the brightest students to the accounting profession, you guarantee that your next open position will be filled by a highly qualified individual.

To contribute to the Building Fund, PAC and/or Educational Fund, or to explore additional naming opportunities, please contact the Society at 505-246-1699 or email Jeanette@nmscpa.org  or Jennifer@nmscpa.org.

My Educational Foundation Contribution