FAQs - CPE Manuals

  1. I am planning on attending a CPE seminar at the Society building, how do I let the Society staff know that I would like the course materials in the PDF format?

    At the time of registration you select your option for the course materials. When you register on-line, there is a place to indicate your choice to receive the PDF or to have the NM CPA Foundation provide you with a printed course manual for an additional $25 fee.
  2. Does this option apply to all NM CPA Foundation classes?

    No. The option applies only to those classes held in the NMSCPA classroom which is equipped with classroom tables that provide a steady source of power for electronic devices. The CPA Foundation will continue to provide manuals, at no additional charge, for classes held off-site. Also, the CPA Foundation sponsors classes by numerous course providers. There may be one or two that do not grant us permission to make available the PDF of their materials.
  3. How do I obtain the PDF file from the CPA Foundation?

    The CPA Foundation posts the PDF file on ShareFile which is a secure cloud-based data storage, sharing and collaboration site. CPE registrants are sent an email from the Society notifying you that a file is stored for you on ShareFile. The email contains a hyperlink to access the PDF file.
  4. Is the email with the hyperlink sent to me immediately upon my registration for the seminar?

    No. The email is sent three days prior to course date. Once the email is sent to the registrants we cannot accept cancellations for a registrant unable to attend the class. You may substitute a person and it is up to you to provide the substitute with the PDF file.
  5. Is the PDF file sent to all the CPE registrants?

    Yes. The PDF is sent to all participants. If you registered for the course and indicated you wanted a printed manual for an additional $25, the manual will be available for you at check-in. 
  6. Once I receive the email with the PDF hyperlink what do I do?

    Detailed, but concise, instructions are provided in the email. The link can only be accessed once; please take a moment to review the instructions.
  7. Can I change my mind and decide to have the CPA Foundation provide me with a printed manual?

    Due to lead time for book ordering, printing and delivery of manuals you need to notify the CPA Foundation at least 10 days in advance if you want us to provide you with a book.
  8. What if I forget to arrive for the class without my digital or printed manual?

    The Society office sends out an email reminder to the registrants the day before the class in an effort to avoid this situation. If the registrant cannot get assistance any other way, the Society will loan the registrant a USB drive with the PDF loaded onto it. The registrant can either access it electronically or take it to a commercial printer.

Other questions? Call the Society office 505.246.1699 or 800.926.2522